Volvo key replacement

Our Volvo setup for key programming

Volvo’s line of vehicles has one of the most sophisticated immobilizer systems.

Volvo’s keys can only be programmed by an authorized Volvo dealer or an Automotive locksmith with access to Volvo security software.
We, here at Automotive Key Doc Inc., are authorized to use Volvo security software to program keys in any situation, whether it’s a spare key or a situation where all keys are lost.

We can provide information about recalls when connecting to the car and program modules when needed.
Older models of Volvo can have difficulties when programming keys over OBD. Automotive Key Doc Inc. has a solution for this; We refer to it as EEPROM in our professional language. EEPROM means bypassing the OBD port and going straight to the immobilizer module, which can be an immobilizer box or the BCM.

Example on an older Volvo when Volvo software can`t program keys over OBD

Newer Volvos use smart keys or, in other words, proximity fobs that have keyless functions for door opening and starting your car.
We cover Volvos from the year 2000 to current models – we have the technology.

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Automotive Key Doc specializing on Volvo keys.

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